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Choosing The Right University

Factors one should consider when choosing a university or college:

  • Career Goals: What do you hope to do?
  • Local Job Opportunities after Graduation: What are the local job opportunities in the field you are studying?
  • Programme of Study: Does the school offer the types of degrees that you may be interested in? You may change your mind about what you want to study so having a variety of programmes and degrees to select from is important.
  • Quality of Instruction: Variety of classes, computer labs, library, reputation (ask for a list of alumni from Bermuda and contact them to get more information).
  • Living Costs: US $, CND $, UK £ and exchange rates. Remember to include cost of airfare and ground transportation as well as tuition and room and board costs. Compare costs to be sure you are getting value for your money.
  • Tuition Costs: These differ greatly depending on the college and the country. Remember that Bermudian students are treated as 'at home' students when studying in the UK. As an EU passport holder you can also research universities in Europe, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia where tuition may be free.
  • Accreditation: make sure your chosen college/university is accredited.
  • Location: Research the city where the school is located. Remember this will be your new home. Do you want to live in a large urban city, a middle-sized city or a rural area? Does it offer cultural or sports activities? Will transportation to the school be easy or will you have to buy a car? Is the city a university city?
  • Size of Campus and Class Size: Smaller campuses and classes usually mean more interaction and more personal service. On larger campuses you may just be a number but they may have more prestige or resources.
  • Location of Dormitories: Will you be on the college campus or in close proximity to the campus/classes? Be careful of the words “close to” it could mean 20 miles away.
  • Weather/Climate: If you are not sure about the temperature refer to to check average monthly temperatures in the US. Research to see what kind of different temperatures you can expect.
  • Distance to travel from Bermuda: Where is the closest airport? Is it a direct flight from Bermuda? How far is the school from the airport?
  • Racial Mix: Will you be going from being a majority to being a minority?
  • Student Services: Is there an International Student Programme Director? These individuals assist with housing, school orientation, and academic advising. They also arrange social events and opportunities to get involved in student activities.