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For Parents & Educators

Encouraging students to research scholarships and complete applications by the deadline is not always easy, but this website is designed to make the whole search and application process much easier.

Use the information on the Resources and FAQs pages to help guide students and discuss how their plans for college will be funded.

Paying for college education is no small undertaking. There are many questions to consider: what will it cost, how much can you save, how much can you and your family afford to pay, how much to borrow, and what scholarships are available to you.

The College Board website, although aimed at US students, has a useful Financial Aid EasyPlanner:

Tuition fees for students heading to Canada can be found on this AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) website page:

Take a look at the UCAS ‘Parents’ page which is full of useful information.

Some Bermudian students are now attending universities in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Germany where tuition is free, so although not easy to gain a place, it is well worth considering.

And don’t forget that many colleges will give entry awards automatically to freshman students based on their high school grades.

If as either a parent, teacher or guidance counselor you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the website, then email them to