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Bermudian students intending to study in UK on a BOTC (British Overseas Territories Citizenship) passport can stay in UK not more than 6 months and if they wish to stay longer they must apply for a VISA at (search UK VISA). This application can take a few months.

Bermudian students intending to study in UK for more than six months on a BOTC passport with the hope of applying for a UK passport when they are actually in the UK could face unnecessary delays upon arrival in the UK or even in worst case scenarios be denied entry. It is recommended that visitors to the UK, including students should ensure they travel with the correct passport for the duration of their travel in the UK and preferably before they enter the UK.

British Overseas Territories Citizens from Bermuda are eligible for UK Home Fee status as per UK British Citizens, although in some cases some UK institutions have requested additional evidence of British Citizenship.

Bermudians who enter the United Kingdom as British Citizens do of course qualify for UK Home Fee status and are also free from UK Immigration control. This is the best option. For a Bermudian student to obtain a UK passport they need to visit (search UK passports). It currently takes about 2-3 months for a first time passport application to be processed.”

For a renewal of a UK passport, the application is found at and currently takes about 1 month to renew. Bermudian students who have any thought about study in the UK to get the home fees advantage should get their UK passport as early as possible.

Information provided by Barry Martin, executive officer at Government House.
Email: Phone: 292-3600 x 241